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Danielle Bacon

  • Figure Skating

USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Ice Dancing, plus 2 Internationals

USFS Junior-level Freestyle

Choreographer of the 2013 Special Olympics Opening Ceremonies in Korea

Skated in 2002 Winter Olympics Opening and Closing Ceremonies

  • Synchronized Skating

Miami University Varsity Collegiate

Synchronized Skating Team Member

2004 US National Collegiate Silver Medalist

2005, 2006, 2007 US National Collegiate Gold Medalist

Coached and choreographed for Angels and Team Blessing 

Competed in Korean Nationals, Japan and Cup of Berlin in Germany 

Currently works with the Silver Stars Synchronized Skating Teams

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Lauren Bacon

  • Coaching private lessons since 2007

  • USFS and PSA registered coach

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Ice Dancing

  • National and World Synchronized Skating Medalist

  • Director and Coach for the Utah Silver Stars Synchronized Skating Teams 

  • Experienced with all skating levels and ages 

  • Available for lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Choreography, Ice Dance and Power Skating

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Genia-3030f soc bw.jpg

Genia Chernyshova

  • 1989 Junior World Pairs Champion, Russia

  • Pro Skater International Shows: 1992-2005

  • International and National Coach: 2006-2020

  • Coaches competitive figure skaters


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Wei-3025 soc bw.jpg

Hsin -"Wei" Chiang

  • USFS Adult Gold Medalist Moves in the Field, Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate

  • Trained by Kathy Valberg, Ryan Bradley, Frank and Anita Sweiding

  • Builds technique from grassroots level, on and off ice 

  • Speaks English and Chinese 

  • Experienced with all skating levels and ages 

  • Available for lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field and Choreography

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Jill-3066f social bw.jpg

Jill Ferrier

  • 10 years coaching experience

  • USFS 6th Figure Test

  • USFS Novice Freestyle and Silver Dance tests

  • 10+ years of classical ballet and jazz dance training

  • Directed and co-directed several local ice shows

  • Available for lessons in Moves in the Field, Freestyle and choreography

  • Experienced with all skating levels and ages

  • Currently accepting new students 

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Mercedes Ferrier Hokanson

  • 20+ years of skating experience 

  • Coaching since 2017

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field 

  • USFS Intermediate Freestyle

(Currently working towards completing remaining free skate tests)

  • Accepting new students 

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Diana-3054f soc bw.jpg

Diana Gonzalez

  • Skating since 2007

  • Coaching Learn to Skate since 2014

  • Private coach since 2018

  • Skated on tour with Disney on Ice

  • USFS Double Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Freestyle

Passionate about training young athletes and teaching them about the life experiences skating has taught me. 


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Stephanee-2996f social bw.jpg

Stephanee Grosscup

Stephanee has been in love with ice skating well over 4 decades of her life. Her professional show career spanned over 30 years, traveling the world as a principal skater with such companies as Ice Follies, Disney on Ice, Ice Theatre of New York, Sun Valley on Ice and various TV shows and films. 

From 2001-2004 she was the Director of Skating at the SLC Sports Complex, co-creating the skating programs that still exist to this day.  

Stephanee was on the 2002 Olympic Opening and Closing Ceremonies choreography team. She has choreographed for numerous National, World and Olympic competitors. In 2010, she embarked on a 5 year journey choreographing Fairytales on Ice for the Volkswagen Company at the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, Germany. 

She is the current choreographer for the ensemble numbers in Sun Valley on Ice. She specializes in choreography, character work, ensemble/synchro, spins, unique 360 degree movement and mentoring all levels of skaters to achieve their dreams.

When she is not traveling for choreography, she splits her time between Sun Valley, Idaho and Salt Lake City. 

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Chris O-3103f socbw.jpg

Chris Ord

  • Coaching private lessons since 1998

  • USFS and PSA registered coach

  • Experience with all skating levels and ages; from beginner to elite

  • Available for lessons in Freestyle, Moves in the Field, Jump Harness and Pairs

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Heidi-3050f soc bw.jpg

Heidi Tew

  • 16 years of skating experience - Competing, testing and performing

  • Coaching since 2013

  • USFS and PSA registered coach

  • Specializes in Basic Skills, Freestyle, Showcase and Artistry

  • Currently working on Intermediate Freestyle, Junior Moves in the Field and Silver Ice Dancing 

  • 3-time National Showcase competitor, 2-time Dramatic medalist

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Vika-3092f soc bw.jpg

Victoria Tugolukova

  • 23 years of skating experience, 10 years competitive

  • Coaching since 2020

  • Principal skater with Disney on Ice for 7 years

  • USFS and PSA registered coach

  • USFS Gold Medalist in Moves in the Field and Free Skate

  • Specializes in skating skills, Freestyle, Moves in the Field, choreography and movement

         Additional interests:

Optimizing movement and performance through off-ice, yoga and dance               Passionate about mentoring kids and developing athletes to support a healthy lifestyle and love for skating  

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5201 South Murray Park Lane
Murray, UT 84107


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