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Club Ice Structure

We meet at County Ice on Tuesdays from 5:15 to 6:45 pm. We split this time into two blocks,  the first one for Aspire Members and the second one for Full Members. Skaters are split into smaller groups by coaches in their corresponding block.


Aspire offers skaters an affordable, comprehensive package program in a safe and supportive group training environment. Skaters will learn proper skill development and training techniques while sampling different skating opportunities and fine-tuning their fundamental skating skills.​​

Full Members 

This is a great opportunity for our higher level members (post pre-preliminary) to practice and develop their skating skills while also strengthening friendships. Full members can be either competitive or recreational skaters who test and continually challenge themselves and aim to achieve new goals. 

Club Ice fees

For Aspire Members, ice fees are covered in the session fees, just like in the Learn to Skate sessions. 


Full members have different options to cover their ice fees. There are annual, semi-annual, and weekly ice passes available.

Club Ice Fees


We currently have two shows every year   -Spring in April, and either Halloween in October, or Holiday in December.  All skating members of MSBFSC can participate in our shows. Show details such as fees, practice dates, rehearsals, etc. are sent to all members a couple of months before shows take place. Skaters are able to sign up at that time. 

Fundraising and Volunteering

These two components help our club provide the resources needed to pursue our goals and strengthen our sense of community and shared purpose. We need families to be involved in club initiatives at all times, whether it is through volunteering, donations, or both. There are volunteer and fundraising requirements for each membership and MSBFSC provides you with opportunities to fulfill those requirements throughout the season. 



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