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Hannah and Genia head to Edmonton Alberta for competition.

North American Cup is a series of Novice level competitions organized by Skate Canada and US Figure Skating. Participants are selected by their respective member skating federations.

Hannah Herrera, 14, a new member was chosen by the US Figure Skating Association to represent Team USA August 2-4.

Hannah posing with Genia in with her Team USA vest in front of Canada's federation welcome banner.

“It was one of the best experiences Hannah could've had, she skated well for Hannah. It was also refreshing to see how popular skating was in Canada.”

-Evgenia Chernyashova

When Hannah heard she was going to represent Team USA she was ecstatic. This is her first international and hopes to keep the momentum going with coach Genia. Making new strides this year learning some new triples has helped her develop more confidence and is looking forward to this competition season.

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