The Club became incorporated under the Laws of the State of Utah, February 23, 2006. As of June 5, 2009, the Club became recognized as having 501(C)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.


The Club has its headquarters at

County Ice Center located at

5201 South Murray Park Lane 

Murray, UT 84107 

The rink's main number is: (385) 468-1650

Questions? You can email our club at murraysilverblades@gmail.com 

The purposes of the Club are to foster, promote, encourage, advance and improve ice skating, and more particularly amateur figure skating in all its branches, to encourage and cultivate a spirit of harmony and fraternal feeling among ice skaters; to hold, sponsor, stage and/or conduct publicly or privately, amateur carnivals, exhibitions and competitions or to participate in them, to cooperate with and assist other organizations, associations, clubs or incorporations in holding, staging and/or conduction amateur ice carnivals, exhibitions and competitions, and generally to do and perform such other acts as may be necessary, advisable, proper or incidental in the realization of the objects and purposes of this corporation; and to engage, do and perform any other acts not inconsistent with the objects and purposes of this corporation or which are not prohibited by law, and to carry out the general policies of the United States Figure Skating (hereinafter referred to as USFS).The Club shall additionally support and develop amateur athletes for national and international amateur competition ice skating. Such support and development shall officially be part of and in accordance with the rules, regulations, tests and competitions established and sanctioned by the USFS.​ Whenever possible, the Club shall host USFS sanctioned amateur ice-skating competitions on local, regional, sectional, national or international levels.The Club shall have as a primary purpose the instruction and training of individual skaters as well as the public in the sport of amateur ice skating. The Club shall additionally assist in improving and developing the capabilities of skaters through regularly scheduled ice-skating sessions, tests, competitions and other such related amateur ice skating events.


Parents also need to have

a USFS number to access the

US Figure Skating website.

(This is no additional charge.)