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The Club became incorporated under the Laws of the State of Utah, February 23, 2006. As of June 5, 2009, the Club became recognized as having 501(C)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service.


The Club has its headquarters at

County Ice Center located at

5201 South Murray Park Lane 

Murray, UT 84107 

The rink's main number is: (385) 468-1650

Questions? You can email our club at 

Murray Silver Blades Figure Skating Club’s primary purpose is to champion amateur figure skaters both current and future club members, with adherence to the general policies, guidelines, procedures, by-laws as defined by the United States Figure Skating (hereinafter referred to as USFS 


Murray Silver Blades Figure Skating Club:

  • Provides regularly scheduled ice-skating sessions for club members for a small fee

  • Provides an environment to encourage, instruct, inform, foster diversity and inclusion for our club members during ice-skating sessions and all club interactions/activities

  • Sponsors bi-annual Club Shows that allows members to showcase, practice performing and exhibit their figure skating skills to friends, family, and the community that includes Learn-To-Skate groups up to Elite levels.

  • Encourages continued growth and development of Murray Silver Blades club through Aspire and other USFS sponsored programs

  • Gives back to the community that supports our club through service projects as approved by the MSFS board

  • Provides leadership, time management, life skills, and service opportunities for our club members

  • Hosts and/or encourages participation for Interclub sponsored USFS sanctioned test session that provides USFS Official Recognition of skater’s skill development

  • With Interclub cooperation, hosts and/or encourages participation in USFS sanctioned and/or qualified/non-qualified competitions at local, regional, sectional, national or international levels

  • Provides tax-deductible fundraising/sponsorship opportunities for those individuals, government or private entities that wish to support the services we offer to our existing club members and for future club members

  • Provides board approved financial support (Club must remain solvent) to eligible amateur figure skating athletes to attend USFS sanctioned local, regional, sectional, national or international levels competitions based on board defined criteria. 


Parents also need to have

a USFS number to access the

US Figure Skating website.

(This is no additional charge.)

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